A few years in the past, when I ended up being a single girl and an online dating writer, I composed about site known as Hetexted.com. I am not going to lay — I was very mortified when I discovered it. After all, it was engaging, but a whole website dedicated to analyzing messages from dudes? I cannot even.

I didn’t think it might stick around that lengthy, but was proved wrong 2-3 weeks ago when a buddy delivered myself the web link consider a webpage she stumbled on. It absolutely was Hetexted.com. Honestly. It however is available. And, there can be also a book, impressed by the web site, that is devoted to the exact same thing. I however can’t also.

Now, i’ven’t take a look at guide, but i did so study some reviews and the majority of folks found it entertaining or tragic. But, like I said, We haven’t see clearly so I can not get here (though possibly that’ll motivate the next blog post).

Thus, why don’t we only discuss the website for the time being.  And versus attempting to explain the thing I study, I would ike to just let the genuine concerns speak for themselves. Here you will find the very first three that we browse:

My fire fighter trainer. Unsolicited shirtless photos and one more of him together with his trash frustrating tilting over a toilet! I’m not sure what is sexier than seeing Claire Dames naked photos you probably didn’t require out of your teacher in a bathroom. Sigh

He’s completed this more often than once and I also’ve never ever answered. Really does he not have it? Exactly why hold trying?


The guy text “considering you when I drift off. However realize it really is a group text and it’s really not the fact that the guy text some other women that will be great due to the fact weren’t exclusive and even thereon amount, but I actually do mistake him for their absurdity and laziness.

Can I respond that i am aware that he group text myself or simply just hold overlooking his emails.


Can it be typical for a married man to text you any 2-3 days or more regular to inquire of you things such as:

– am I consuming meal alone

– are we bringing the metro residence alone (keep in mind that he’s powered me personally

house before)

– whether I packed for my vacation the night time before my personal trip

It’s like that episode of the way I Met the mommy — oh honey. What i’m saying is, I want to think all of us are a lot better than this, right? Do we really need an internet site . to decode the trick meanings right here?

If guy is giving unsolicited naked photos, you operate! Or you report it to someone. If you like it, you send out one back (just keep that person out). Irrespective, you never post it on a site to ask what it suggests.

If in case some guy is actually party texting girls, you work! Feel flattered for a while that you were among the many selected few, but then delete and move ahead. In addition, toward man who’s party texting females – have you ever heard of copy and insert? It is this pretty wizard creation that you should explore. It can probably stop you from directly sabotaging your whole game.

In addition won’t actually touch the wedded man who is texting you, but We guess you can guess my personal decision there.

Seriously people, this is simply not too difficult here.

Genuinely, the internet site simply fuels our have to over assess things and our very own desire for instant satisfaction. Nobody wants just to wait it and see if men is into you. Because, you are sure that, you’ll eventually discover the truth.

Part notice: are we able to all-just talk about just how there isn’t a shetexted.com. Just something you should consider for one minute.

So, no many thanks HeTexted.com, but I will pass. For me, this nonetheless is like one of those tactics that is truly brilliant if you are drunk along with you friends, but then less when you sober upwards.

Image via Ultraslo1 on Flickr.