Examination Automation`

The autonomous office is equipped with10 Computers, 06 laser printers, High-End servers, High-End scanners, High-End printers, line printers, UPS (5 KVA) units, 2 AC machines, LCD projector, CCTV set up, and LAN set up. With these ICT and physical infrastructure facilities, the autonomous office has implemented a fully automated examination processes.

Different automation processes involved in the examination system are:

  1. Setting up of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure, Networking, Technical Manpower and Help Desk
  2. Adoption of e-Governance (online submission of exam application, online payment of exam fee and instant generation / printing of e-Hall ticket) to operate with Paperless communication and cashless transactions effectively.
  3. Communication with Departments and administrative office through dedicated institutional e-mails.
  4. Pre-Exam Process (including customized dummy numbered answer booklets)
  5. On-Exam Process (Computerized Attendance Sheets)
  6. Post-Exam Process (Entering and generation of marks)
  7. Publication of Results and Post-Result Process (Re-valuation etc)
  8. Issue of highly secured Mark sheets and Certificates
  9. Report Generation and Preservation of Data

Achievements of Examination Automation Processes:

  • Speedy publication of Results
  • Reduction in exam expenditure
  • Elimination of manual intervention and errors.

The Schedule for Examinations is published on the college website five weeks prior to the commencement of examinations and a detailed time-table is published three weeks prior to the commencement of examination.